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Subscription-Based Financial Planning

Looking for financial advice?

In our assessment, an individual looking to become a personal finance expert must possess a genuine interest in financial planning, sufficient energy, and, most importantly, the time to commit. In the case of our typical client, they often lack one or more of these components. While they may indeed have an interest, their busy schedules frequently impede their ability to allocate time and energy.

An important question looms:


Am I the person to coordinate and organize all aspects of my financial life or would I benefit form a professional?


How does it work?  What is included?

Our team at Doctors Wealth Care has been created to offer a full spectrum of sought-after financial services.  Our philosophy around financial balance is accomplished by having advisors focused on often overlooked topics.  We don't aim to simply supply a product.  We strive to dive deep into each of our client's financial domains.  You will have open access to our team of advisors to cover topics such as Student Loans, Cash Flow, Protection, Investments, Retirement, and more.  

*Average Monthly Client Subscription Fees Are:

  • Resident's/ Fellows/ Students - $50 

  • Individuals/ Attendings - $300

  • Business Owners $400

*Prices fluctuate based on complexity, resources, and time required. 

Financial Report

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Doctors Wealth Care was founded with the idea that true financial balance is 100% obtainable.  We start by taking a page straight from the world of medicine and find ways to specialize our individual areas of focus further.  To find balance, we must show our clients how to excel in asset building, debt, cash flow, and asset protection.  Medical professionals are busy and often need more financial education and time to obtain balance.  Our team is here to fix that once and for all.  

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