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Bart Singleton

Doctors Wealth Care

"As Seen In Medical Economics Magazine*"

Disability Insurance

Trying to figure out the facts on disability income insurance?  As you can imagine we answer questions on this topic every day.  We want to help you with things like:


  • When to Apply?
  • How Much Should I Apply For?
  • Which Company Should I Purchase Coverage From?
  • Do I Need Occupation Specific/ True Own-Occupation?

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Doctors Wealth Care was founded with the idea that true financial balance is 100% obtainable.  We start by taking a page straight from the world of medicine and find ways to specialize our individual areas of focus further.  To find balance, we must show our clients how to excel in asset building, debt, cash flow, and asset protection.  Medical professionals are busy and often need more financial education and time to obtain balance.  Our team is here to fix that once and for all.  

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